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Safer Motherhood APP from GLOWM

FIGO has now taken over full responsibility for The Global Library of Women’s Medicine (GLOWM) and integrated it into its exciting, ongoing educational programme.

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RANZCOG FOUNDATION Research Scholarships

The ASGO Travelling Fellowships were established in 2011 to facilitate links and the sharing of knowledge within the gynaecological oncology community. The Fellowship funds are provided by the Australian Society of Gynaecologic Oncologists (ASGO) and administered through the RANZCOG Foundation

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SASGO position statement on the safety of cervical cancer vaccines

Author: Prof Lynette Denny
Head, Department Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Cape Town/Groote Schuur Hospital on behalf of SA Society of Gynaecology Oncology
A recent report in a local newspaper implied that 2 learners who had received the vaccines against Human Papillomavirus (HPV) were adversely affected by the vaccines and that the damage was caused by the vaccines themselves. This information was not put into context and was attributed to the vaccines without any evidence.
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CRYO - SAVE have announced an increase in the payment for collection of stem cells at the time of delivery from R1000 to R1200.
GMG thanks Mr Rudi Viviers (National Sales Manager) and Mrs Cecilia Bakkes for their help in reviewing payment to practitioners. CRYO - SAVE also announces a new offering Mx Nurse.
This is for Caesarian sections only.
The Obstetrician will have the option of having a nurse present who will do the extra uterine collection of stem cells from the placenta and will do the paper work for both intra and extra uterine collection collection.
Payments to the Obstetrician will be R1200 for intra uterine collection and an added amount for the extra uterine collection.
Notices will be sent to all Obstetricians about this new product.

Obstetricians: 'Litigated out of practice'

In the next three years, South Africa can expect to see private obstetrics practices collapse as indemnity insurance costs continue to climb and they are litigated out of practice.
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Urgent Notice: Color Doppler code 3637

Members are advised to be very careful about adding code 3637 (color Doppler) onto their billing for obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound examinations.
Color Doppler code 3637 is not appropriate for use by gynecologists (Gynecology Coding Companion).
The reason given is that the code 3637 does not conform to that of its CPT counterpart namely 93325.
GMG and SASUOG will continue to get clarity about this issue but for now one must be very careful using this code.
Dr Ron White GMG.
September 2016

Once more Professor Fawcus has worked in an energetic manner to produce a new edition of the ACE newsletter. The intention of ACE is keep all assessors up to date with the processes of the NCCEMD and in current language to let you know “what’s trending” in the field of Maternal Health issues in the public health sector.

If the international news coverage over the last week is anything to go by, many of you will be aware of the rapid spread of Zika in the Americas and the concerns over the risk of microcephaly in babies whose mothers are exposed to the virus.

Recently there have been two developments that are concerning. The first has already been aired on the website about patients refusing to pay if a locum delivers their baby and an alleged comment from HPCSA that it is illegal to have locum cover. The second is that it is unethical to charge a cash paying patient less than what a medical aid patient is billed. GMG has written to the HPCSA asking for clarity on these matters and to date have not had a reply.