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Expert opinion has been sort on the issue of billing clients that come for a consultation regarding a sick note, UIF Forms etc. The opinion is that:

No billing is permitted for completion of any form related to employment e.g. completion of UIF forms, sick notes or any other form


Certain Health Funders have employed Forensic investigators whose aggressive behavior has been discussed in earlier notifications. 

HealthMan has been trying to discuss these issues with the Health Funders with little success.  We have no option now to be more aggressive even if it means taking the legal route and members will be kept informed of developments.  Please be advised that if you are the victim of one of these investigations.  DO NOT engage with them without the presence of your lawyer or a member of Healthman and for heaven’s sake DO NOT sign any admission of guilt BUT state your willingness to participate  in their investigations.

Dr Ron White GMG

(24 October 2016)