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President's Newsletter - March 2018

The term of the current SASOG council has come to an end after 3 years and a new SASOG council has been elected. The 2015 -2018 coucil and the 2018 - 2021 council consisted of:
  2015 - 2018 2018 - 2021
President Dr Johannes van Waart Prof Greta Dreyer
Honorary Secretary Dr Sagie Naidu Prof Priya Soma-Pillay
Honorary Treasurer Dr Beth Pheiffer Dr Haynes vd Merwe
Past President Prof Bash Goolab Dr Johannes van Waart
SAMA Representative Dr Malikah vd Schyff Dr Malikah vd Schyff
Western Cape: Dr Johannes van Waart Dr Haynes vd Merwe
  Dr Femi Olarogun Dr Femi Olarogun
  Dr Thabo Matsaseng Dr Mushi Matjila
Northern Gauteng: Prof Greta Dreyer Prof Greta Dreyer
  Prof Gerhard Lindeque Dr Miems Kleynhans
  Prof Priya Zoma-Pillay Prof Priya Zoma-Pillay
Southern Gauteng: Dr Bronwyn White Prof Bash Goolab
  Dr Deshni Packirisamy Dr Deshni Packirisamy
  Dr Goantebale Matlhaga Dr Goantebale Matlhaga
KwaZulu Natal Dr Sagie Naidu Dr Conrad Mashiloane
  Dr Siva Moodley Dr Vis Moodley
Free State Dr Etienne Henn Dr Etienne Henn
  Dr Dave Bowen Dr Clayton Grieve
College of O&G President Prof Leon Snyman Prof Leon Snyman
GMG CEO Dr Ron White Dr Ron White
Presidents of Sub-Societies:    
- SASREG Dr Danie Botha Dr Danie Botha
- SASUOG Prof Lut Geerts Prof Lut Geerts
- SASGO Prof Gerhard Lindeque Prof Greta Dreyer
- SAMS Dr Carol Thomas Dr Carol Thomas
- SAUGA Prof Zeelha Abdool Prof Zeelha Abdool
- SA-RCOG Dr Peter de Jongh Dr Peter de Jongh
Co-Opted Dr Joe Titus Dr Joe Titus
SAATOG Chairperson Dr Francois Retief Dr Bart Goldman
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Please print the two attached letters and use them in your practice. You are welcome to print/paste your own practice logo (along with the SASOG logo) onto the letters if you want. Please do not change the wording on the letters as they have been checked and do comply with Medico legal principles. Just note that the prenatal test document will only be available later. Point this out to the patients when handing out the patient letter.

Standard procedure for dispute resolution Click here.
Patient Pregnancy Information Letter Click here.