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President's newsletter - December 2017

In this December 2017 SASOG President’s newsletter:
  2. CPD Meetings and Sponsorships
  3. President’s Blog
  4. EOMC
  5. Discovery Negotiations
  6. Indemnity Insurance
  7. SASOG 2018 Congress
  8. Upcoming SASOG Council Elections
  9. Peer Review
  10. Worcester Colleagues back in Obstetrics
  11. BetterObs Update
  12. Festive Season Greetings
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Please print the two attached letters and use them in your practice. You are welcome to print/paste your own practice logo (along with the SASOG logo) onto the letters if you want. Please do not change the wording on the letters as they have been checked and do comply with Medico legal principles. Just note that the prenatal test document will only be available later. Point this out to the patients when handing out the patient letter.

Standard procedure for dispute resolution Click here.
Patient Pregnancy Information Letter Click here.