Protocols and documents

P1 PPH flow chartView the document
P2 Pre term labourView the document
P3 Massive antepartum haemorrhage flowView the document
P4 Cord prolapse flow chartView the document
P5 Shoulder Dystocia flowView the document
P6 Obstetric Haemorrhage ProtocolView the document
P7 Preparing for Obstetric Haemorrhage Check listView the document
P8 MgSo4 for NeuroprotectionView the document
P9 Protocol for administering antenatal steroidsView the document
P11 Preterm DeliveryView the document
P12 Guidelines For Morbidity and Mortality MeetingsView the document
P13 Discharge Summary (Paed)View the document
P14 Paediatric ReportView the document
P15 Caesarean SectionView the document
P16 Prenatal TestsView the document
P17 Severe VTE Immenent EclampsiaView the document
P18 Patient Pregnancy Information LetterView the document
P19 Pre Mediation Meeting Clause including standard procedureView the document


BetterObs documents have been developed by interdisciplinary healthcare teams utilising the best available evidence and resources believed to be accurate and current at the time of release. They are intended to provide general advice and guidance on which to base clinical decisions. SASOG takes no responsibility for matters arising from changed circumstances or information that may have become available after issued. They must not be solely relied on or used as a substitute for assessing the individual needs of each patient.